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DTU ACROSS PhDs Students/ Research topics

Etienne Bacher (LISER)  /  Supervisor: Michel Ténikué (LISER)

from Université Clermont-Auvergne

Research interests: Immigration, attitudes and politics

Thesis title: Cross-border labor mobility, attitudes and political preferences

Etienne Bacher DTU ACROSS

Narcisse Cha'ngom (LISER) / Supervisor: Frédéric Docquier (LISER)

from UC Louvain & UCA

Research interests: Geography of brain drain and development

Thesis title: Revisiting the development impact of skill-biased migration

Narcisse Changom

Felix Stips (LISER) / Supervisor: Bertrand Verheyden (LISER)

from U. Göttingen & Stellenbosch

Research interests: Labour market effects of human mobility

Thesis title: Labor market implications of immigration and cross-border movements

Felix Stips

Lucas Vieira Magalhaes (LISER) / Supervisor: Geoffrey Caruso (LISER)

from University of Twente

Research interests: Human mobility and urban management

Thesis title: Development and application of a spatial-explicit computable equilibrium urban model for a cross-border region

Lucas Vieira

Aleksa Uljarevic (UNI) / Supervisor: Michel Beine (UNI)

from LMU Munich and UNIBS

Research interests: Economics of migration, causal analysis, policy evaluation

Thesis title: Cross-border mobility and policy evaluation

Dara Krolpfeifer (UNI) / Supervisor: Luisito Bertinelli (UNI)                                                                                             

from University of Göttingen

Research interests: Climate-induced migration and displacement, environmental and development economics

Thesis title: Human mobility and climate change

Ariane Gordan (UNI) / Supervisor: Arnaud Dupuy (UNI)                                                                                                   

from Goethe-University Frankfurt a.M.

Research interests: migration, development economics, applied micro-econometrics

Thesis title: Labor migration and development

Julio Garbers (LISER) / Supervisor: Christina Gathmann (LISER)                                                                                                   

from University of Heidelberg

Research interests: Immigration, policy evaluation and applied micro-econometrics.

Thesis title: Immigration and integration policies

Raian Kudashev (UNI) / Supervisor: Pierre Picard (UNI)                                                                                                   

from Higher School of Economics and University of Luxembourg

Research interests: Urban and Regional Economics, Migration

Thesis title: On Estimation of Agglomeration and Dispersion Forces in Luxembourg and Greater Region


Indicative topics for PhD dissertations

Although some flexibility must be given to supervisors and PhD students in defining the research agenda, we propose here a list of indicative topics for PhD dissertations:

  • Interplay between internal and international migration: use of traditional and innovative data sources for estimating internal and international migration responses to shocks (M. Beine, L. Bertinelli, J. Machado)
  • Mid- and long-term projections of international/internal migration: building OLG models of the world economy to analyze historical mobility trends and predict future migration flows (M. Burzynski, F. Docquier, M. Tenikue)
  • Joint analysis of commuting and residential mobility: development of bi-dimensional location models with endogenous place of work and place of residence (M. Beine, L. Bertinelli, G. Caruso, P. Picard).
  • Challenges raised by temporariness of migration (J. Machado, B. Verheyden, M. Tenikue)
  • Economic, social and political integration of immigrants: effectiveness and coherence of integration policies (C. Gathmann, M. Tenikue, B. Verheyden, S. Zanaj)
  • Impact of cross-border labor mobility on the wage distribution: development of new model endogenizing occupational choices and wage disparities (M. Burzynski, A. Dupuy, C. Gathmann, K. Tatsiramos)
  • Effect of cross-border mobility on social norms and happiness (C. Peroni, C. Riillo, S. Zanaj)
  • Effect of cross-border mobility on public and private institutions: effect of commuting and residential mobility on voting; effect on labor market institutions (F. Docquier, A. Dupuy, S. Zanaj)
  • Effect of mobility-driven changes in human capital and cultural diversity on the magnitude and nature of technical progress; optimal structure of cross-border movements to make Europe and Luxembourg a dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy (C. Gathmann, C. Peroni, K. Tatsiramos, B. Verheyden)
  • Effect of daily cross-border movements on congestion and traffic (G. Caruso, P. Picard)
  • High-skilled immigration policies in the knowledge based economy; What explains differences in selective policies between European member states? What explains differences in the usage of the Blue Card and in attractiveness of European countries? Is cooperation desirable? (J. Machado, B. Verheyden)
  • Cross-border mobility and entrepreneurship: links between immigrant- and native-founded companies, cross-border transmission of entrepreneurial skills (C. Peroni, K. Tatsiramos, B. Verheyden)