Welcome to the Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) DIgitaLisation Law And Innovation (DILLAN)!


The DTU is an academic community at the University of Luxembourg researching in the field of Law and Computer Sciences directed by Professors Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Katerina Pantazatou and Mark Cole.

DILLAN brings together researchers from various fields of law with those having a background in artificial intelligence and computer science, in order to allow for a common effort to study possibilities and regulatory needs for adapting our European multi-level legal system to the opportunities and challenges of the ongoing digital revolution. It will contribute to the design of research-informed pathways in order to ensure that digitalization will not only enhance efficiency in problem solving, but also protect the rule of law, democracy, transparency and the protection of fundamental individual rights.

17 PhDs and 1 Post Doc work together with 17 Professors from the fields of Computer Sciences (Professor Yves Le Traon and Leon van der Torre) and Law (Professors Herwig Hofmann, Joana Mendes, Eleftheria Neframi, Werner Hasslehner, Katerina Pantazatou, Stefan Braum, Silvia Alegrezza, Katalin Ligeti, André Prüm, Dirk Zetzsche, Isabelle Riassetto, Sévérine Menétrey, Luca Ratti, Elise Poillot and Mark Cole).

Jointly, their know-how and research efforts will enable a highly ambitious cooperation involving the full spectrum of most junior to highly acclaimed senior researchers. Thereby, DILLAN will develop an innovative inter- and intra-disciplinary approach to examining the impact and regulation of the ongoing digital transformations of decision-making within the legal fabric of society.


Prof. Dr. Herwig C H HOFMANN