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European Private Law

The research group in European Private Law (EUROPRILEX) supports individual and collective research on influence of supranational European systems on the various branches of private law.


The members of the research group are also involved in the European Business Law specialisation offered during the 2nd year of the Master in European Law.


The objectives of the research group are:

  • to offer a critical analysis of the "acquis communautaire" and of European projects related to private law;
  • to study their implementation.

The activities of the research group consist of:

Research projects undertaken by the group place particular emphasis on the question of constructing a common civil procedure in a European context and on teaching private law in a pluri-legal and linguistic context. In addition to the members of the teaching body, EUROPRILEX welcomes doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers as well as actors in civil society who are interested in the ongoing research in European Private Law.


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