Research Focus “FinTech”

The RUL’s research in the area of FinTech deals with the latest legal and regulatory requirements from a legal as well as an interdisciplinary perspective. As an integral part of the University of Luxembourg’s FinTech working group, the legal research on FinTech analyses to what extent digitalisation and internet-based technologies impact on existing norms and institutions in Luxembourg, Europe and beyond.

The following researchers focus on FinTech matters with regard to law.

Cole, Mark

  • Big Data
  • Data Protection
  • Block Chain and Smart Contracts in Media Law

Ligeti, Katalin

  • Digital Enforcement
  • Digitalisation & Criminal Law
  • Cyber Crime

Poillot, Elise

  • Digital Consumer Contracts

Prüm, André

  • Shadow Banking
  • Smart Contracts
  • D-Signature

Ratti, Luca

  • Workplace Digitalisation
  • Jobs in the Sharing Economy
  • Online Platforms and Crowdwork

Riasseto, Isabelle

  • Robot Advisers
  • Digital Fund Management

Schiltz, Jean Louis

  • Blockchain
  • Virtual currencies and smart contracts
  • Digital payments, payment systems and e-money
  • Compliance and regulatory supervision
  • Big data and data management
  • Digital identity and tech driven AML/CTF tools

Zetzsche, Dirk Andreas

  • Regulatory Sandbox
  • The digital intermediary: organization, reporting, compliance, outsourcing
  • Robot Advisory, Digital Asset, Fund & Risk Management
  • Digital Payment Systems & Deposits
  • Digital Private Law
  • Crowd Funding
  • Digitalisation of Company Law
  • Supervision, Forum & Choice of Law in Times of Digitalisation
  • Shadow Banking
  • Digital Risk Management
  • Digital Inclusive Finance
  • Blockchain, Digital Identity and Digital KYC