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Media Law


This page serves as an information source on

  • relevant projects in the field of media law conducted at uni.lu, in particular the project on the Audiovisual Media Services Directive
  • relevant legal texts and norms on the national (Luxembourg), European (EU) and International (Council of Europe, global international organizations) level

 The projects and activities are conducted by the media law research team at uni.lu under the supervision of Associate Prof. Cole. More information on the research team and each individual research project is available here.

You can find here currently


I. The Project on the AVMS Directive

This research project examines the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive and its transposition into national law. It compares the national legislation of the 27 Member States in the area of broadcasting and audiovisual media services and offers a unique information source by providing English translations of all relevant transposition acts of all EU Member States as well as synopses of the AVMS Directive and the national acts.
Click here to open an extra menu and access the translated national execution measures via the button national execution measures.


II. Other Media Law Projects


III. The National, European and International Media Law Text Collection

The complete functionality of this information source will be opened in the following months. The user may find here a selection of Luxembourgish laws and their English translations as well as the contributions written by the team of uni.lu for the IRIS Merlin database.