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National Execution Measures

This list displays the 28 Member States of the European Union and allows you to click on a country in order to find its relevant implementing measures; the same information being accessible via the table below. The national execution measures are presented in the form they were notified by the respective Member State to the European Commission (See here). In order to allow easy access for international users, the English translations of the legal acts as commissioned in the framework of the AVMS project at uni.lu are available in a unified format. In some instances, only those sections were translated that are relevant for the research project. Nevertheless, the original national act is uploaded in its entirety so that native speakers are able to consider the measure in its legal context. The collection of national acts was retrieved from publicly available databases primarily from the national governments' official gazettes. Certain translations stem from the Member States themselves or from national regulatory authorities, to which a link is provided for.

As an additional service, you may see which national legal act implements what part of the AVMS Directive. This has been done in the form of synopses which give a transparent and clear account of the differences and similarities of the national legal act and the corresponding provision of the AVMS Directive. Please take note of the title page preceding the translations and synopses as commissioned by the research project.

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