The aim of this project is to develop a new form of analysis of the major component of EU Media law. The novelty of this approach is not only the extensive examination of a new EU secondary legislative act but above all, collection, review and comparison of the national execution measures adopted to implement the European body of rules.

The result will be a comparative commentary written in the English language which enumerates as well as legally assesses the national acts, which also have been translated into English.

The use of the English language guarantees easy access and a reference point for academics and practitioners in the field of media law. In addition, this project enhances the transparency by offering free access of the general public to the original national legal act as well as its translation.

In order to facilitate discussion and an international exchange of viewpoints, a workshop will be organized which will unite national experts from several Member States and external researchers of different institutions active in the area of European media law. Further details will be announced here in due course.