FinTech & Digitalisation

The research units of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance deal with the latest legal and financial developments regarding FinTech and the digital economy. As an integral part of the University of Luxembourg’s FinTech working group, the FDEF’s research focuses at the Research Unit in Law (RUL) on legal and regulatory matters, while the Luxembourg School of Finance discusses FinTech from a finance perspective.



Upcoming Events


14 November 2019 - 4th Inclusive and Sustainable Finance Research Conference


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09 October 2019 - 5th Luxembourg FinTech Conference



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3x3 FinTech lecture series


The 3x3 lecture series is a joint project between the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) and the University of Luxembourg.

Over the course of the academic year, it will feature three speakers from each of the three disciplines carrying out FinTech research at the University of Luxembourg – information technology, finance and law. 3x3 brings together academics at the forefront of FinTech research and professionals from Luxembourg's business community and financial centre. It bridges the academic-practice divide and discusses the practical implications of FinTech research for financial services and the potential repercussions for the industry, furthering knowledge transfer and exchange of information and expertise.



Past Events

14 March 2018 - 3x3 Series: Algorithmic Trading: An Introduction and Preliminary Experimental Results


24 January 2018 - 3x3 Series Open Lecture

presentation from D. Zetzsche

28th November 2017 - Luxembourg Inclusive Finance Research Conference


23rd November 2017 - The Digital Workplace. Internal and External Trajectories of Work in the Digital Era

presentation from L. Ratti

9th October 2017 - FinTech - Law and Regulation

presentation from D. W. Arner

presentation from S. Booysen

presentation from R. Buckley

presentation from M. Cole

presentation from M. Lehmann

presentation from A. Prüm

presentation from J.-L. Schiltz

presentation from E. Vermeulen

presentation from D. Zetzsche (1)

presentation from D. Zetzsche (2)

4th July 2017 - Software for Fintech Optimization and Financial Inclusion

presentation from Dr Klein and Dr Bissyandé

21 June 2017 - Corporate innovation, collaborative platforms,changing market dynamics

Presentation from Dr. Zsofia Kraussl

May 2017 - FinTech in light of Big Data and the GDPR

Presentation from Prof. Cole Mark

27 April 2017 - Experimental Insights into Smart Contracts

Presentation from Dr STATE Radu

15 March 2017 - CALCURIX: a "tailor-made" RM software

Presentation from Prof. Schiltz and Ismael Fadiga

10 February 2017 - Secure and Compliant Data Management in FinTech Applications, Prof. Lionel Briand

Presentation from Prof. Briand (pdf)

25 January 2017 - Smart Regulation: Regulatory Sandbox, Prof. Dirk Zetzsche


24 November 2016 - FinTech for Finance: Impact and Implications, Kalle Rille


18 October 2016 – Bitcoin and Regulation, Jean-Louis Schiltz


Download the presentation (pdf)