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Covid-19 and Compliance during the Pandemic


How have people complied with the sanitary rules and recommendations during the Pandemic? As part of the COME-HERE survey respondents' compliance behavior is measured and analyzed according to eight compliance questions across countries and over time. Download our research news here






Covid-19 and Income Inequality


What are the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had, is having, and will have on income inequality within countries? First evidence-based answers are offered by the COME-HERE data. Download our research news here.






COVID-19 and Opinions about Vaccination during the Pandemic


The research news focuses on the population preferences regarding the vaccination priorities in relation to the current vaccination programs in Europe. Download our research news here.






COVID-19, well-being and our working lives


Covid-19 has changed our lives in many ways. We here concentrate on the way in which we work, and analyse the relationship between working from home and well-being. We have five measures of the latter: life satisfaction, the feeling of having a worthwhile life, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Download our research news here.






Sleep behaviour before and during the pandemic in 6 European countries


COVID-19 has changed our behaviours in most aspects of our life, and sleep is no exception. A team of researchers at the University of Luxembourg and the Paris School of Economics have been investigating sleep and sleep changes due to the pandemic. The initial results suggest that those individuals who managed to maintain their pre-pandemic sleeping behaviours are happier than those who changed them. Download our research news here.