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Women and the Pandemic

In order to understand the consequences of COVID-19, the subsequent confinement measures on individuals’ social, financial and health outcomes, and to track people’s experiences during the pandemic, the University of Luxembourg launched a longitudinal survey: The COME-HERE (COVID-19, MEntal HEalth, Resilience and Self-regulation) panel survey. The COME-HERE survey covers five European Union countries, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. The COME-HERE-2 survey covers Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

We present descriptive evidence that highlights gender differences observed in mental health and time allocation during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Download the research news on Gender (in)Equality from 5 European countries during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This project was realised in collaboration with the Paris School of Economics (PSE).

Download the research news on Gender Differences in Mental Health during Covid-19 in Luxembourg.






Anxiety symptoms










Depressive symptoms


Perceived stress








Quality of life


Time Allocation