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Carine Lallemand

Photo Carine Lallemand

Research scientist

Academic Area(s) Theoretical & cognitive psychology / Multidisciplinary, general & others
Faculty or Centre Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
Department Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
Campus Office MSH, E03 25-420
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 9212
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 39212

Research profile

Carine Lallemand is an Assistant Professor in the department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). She also holds a permanent position as Senior Research Associate at the Human-Computer Interaction Group at the University of Luxembourg.

She has a background in Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction. Her research interests are mainly focused on the development, adaptation and validation of user experience design and evaluation methods, with a particular concern for the consolidation of UX research. Carine is the author of a textbook on UX methods ("Méthodes de design UX: 30 méthodes fondamentales pour concevoir des expériences optimales", Eyrolles 2018 2nd edition), currently used in more than 100 curriculums in 6 French-speaking countries.

She is also a passionate advocate for academia-industry relationships. As a former Vice-president of the French-speaking UXPA chapter in Europe, she co-founded the premier national conference on UX design in Paris (600 attendees/year since 2012) and has been actively involved in the organization of dozens of UX conferences and workshops. She is regularly invited to speak at practitioners’ events and achieves public outreach through interviews and podcasts. In 2018, she gave the opening keynote at the UXPA International conference, thus disseminating scientific research beyond the frontiers of academia.

Academic background

Carine Lallemand holds a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Psychology, Ergonomics and Human-Computer Interaction from Université de Lorraine in France (2008). After graduating, she joined the industry where she led major projects in the fields Cognitive Ergonomics and Human Factors. From 2011 to 2015, Carine completed her PhD on the topic of experience design and evaluation methods. Carine pursued her research work as a postdoctoral research associate in Luxembourg, where she also coordinated the design of the HCI group User Lab. In 2018, she joined TU/e as Assistant Professor in the Industrial Design department. She also holds a permanent position as Senior Research Associate at the Human-Computer Interaction Group at the University of Luxembourg.

Last updated on: Friday, 22 March 2019

Teaching Activities


An introduction to user experience design and evaluation methods (Summer Semester 2018 - present)

University of Luxembourg. Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences (DSHSS).

Average student evaluation 2017-2018: 6,62/7

User Experience Design and Evaluation Methods (2016 - 2018)

Instructor and co-head of the UX Design & Research training (continuing education) at the University of Brussels (in partnership with the University of Namur and the University of Luxembourg)

Average student evaluation 2016-2017: 5,17/6

Experience Design MasterClass (Feb 2018)

Bellecour Design School – Lyon, France.

User Experience Design and Evaluation Methods (Sept 2015)

Ecole Multimédia – Paris, France. Mastère UX design

Human-Computer Interaction (Sept 2014 – Sept 2015)

University of Lorraine, France. Master in Computer Science.

Human-Computer Interaction and Interaction Models (Sept 2013 – Sept 2014)

University Nancy 2, Master in Computer Science. 

Ergonomics, Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction (Sept 2012 – Sept 2013)

University Paul-Verlaine Metz, France. Master in Computer Science.

Cognitive Psychology: Research and Application (Sept 2011 – March 2012)

University Nancy 2, Bachelor of Arts in IT and cognitive sciences

HR diagnosis and dashboards (Sept 2010)

University Paul-Verlaine Metz, France. Master 2 Organisational Psychology and Ergonomics.



PhD student co-supervision - Member of the CET committee

  • Florence Kristin Lehnert [User Experience challenges in Computer-Based Assessment – start date 01/10/2018]
  • Verena Distler [Socio-Technical Security and User Experience Aspects of Security and Privacy – 15/10/2017]
  • Christopher Morse [Immersive Environments for Institutions of Cultural Heritage -  start date 01/09/2017]


Master’s student supervision


  • Sophie Bruneton, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Master thesis: « La planification en UX design : comment soutenir les pratiques professionnelles par un outil d’aide à la prise de décision stratégique ? »
  • Solène Meurice, Ecole Bellecour Lyon
  • Maylis Ader, Université Toulouse II


  • Verena Distler, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Master thesis: “Acceptability and acceptance of autonomous vehicles: the case of the autonomous shuttle Navly”. Winner of the “Prix du mémoire digital” 2018. 
  • Colin Lescarret, Université de Toulouse


  • Emeline Mercier, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Master thesis: « Concevoir une expérience de lecture engageante »
  • Marie Behaegel, Université de Lorraine. Master thesis: « Évolution de l’intranet de l’Université du Luxembourg : complémentarité des méthodes d’exploration dans l’analyse des besoins »


Jury participation

  • Diplôme Supérieur des Arts Appliqués « design », Villefontaine (France) - Jury Vice-president (2017)
  • Master in Information Architecture, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France) – Jury member (2015-2018)
  • Bachelor in graphic design (Baccalauréat en design graphique) – UQAM (Canada) – Jury member (2018)

Last updated on: 23 Sep 2019

Invited talks at practitioners’ events


Oct 2018

  VIP Digital Guest speaker at the Digital Circle Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Sept 2018

   Invited talk at the World Interaction Design Day “Guerrilla UX, quick yet not dirty” (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Jun 2018

   Opening keynote talk at UXPA 2018 “Eventually everything connects” (Puerto Rico)

Feb 2018

   Keynote talk  “How to design kickass services” at Luxembourg Service Jam 2018 (Luxembourg)

Oct 2017

   « Guérilla UX, « quick » mais pas « dirty » at BlendWebMix 2017 (Lyon, France)

Feb 2017

   Opening keynote Talk “Insightful UX methods – from research to practice” at UX Insight 2017 (Utrecht, NL)

Nov 2016

   “UX Design: what if the key to success lies in UX theories?” at Collaborate 2016 (Bristol, UK)

Jun 2016

   Keynote Talk « Méthodes de design UX : révolutionnez votre toolkit ! » – FLUPA UX-Day 2016 (Paris, France)

Jun 2016

   “Ensuring Validity in Strategic UX Research Methods” at UX STRAT Europe (Amsterdam, NL)

Feb 2016

   “Eurêka! Innover avec les méthodes d’idéation UX” at Global Service Jam 2016 (Orléans, France)

Feb 2016

   “Experience everywhere: devenir des architectes d’expérience” at the World IA Day 2016 (Lyon, France)

Nov 2015

   “Embrace UX… and adapt your evaluation methods accordingly!” at CanUX 2015 (Ottawa, Canada)

Nov 2015

   “Méthodes de design UX : révolutionnez votre boîte à outils !” at TLMUX (Montréal, Canada)

Oct 2015

   “UX Design: et si la clé du succès se trouvait dans les theories sur l’UX?” at BlendWebMix 2015 (Lyon, France)

Jun 2015

   Invited panelist “Mobile UX et innovation: luxe ou obsession?” at Web2day 2015 (Nantes, France)

Nov 2014

   “Concevoir des expériences engageantes” at the World Usability Day (Brussels, Belgium)

May 2014

   “Au-delà des produits : pourquoi et comment concevoir des expériences ?” at FLUPA Paris (France)

Mar 2014

   “Au-delà des produits : pourquoi et comment concevoir des expériences ?” at FLUPA Nice (France)

Feb 2014

   “Beyond products: designing and selling experiences” at Klee Group (Paris, France)

Dec 2012

   “Experience utilisateur : du mythe à la réalité” at FLUPA Metz (France)


Invited hands-on workshops (in French, translated titles)


Apr 2016

   “Emotional design: shaping positive emotional experiences” at WAQ’2016 (Québec, Canada)

Oct 2015

   “Assessing user experience: some easy yet effective methods” at ParisWeb 2015 (Paris, France)

Jun 2015

   “Design probes: a UX exploration and inspiration tool” at FLUPA UX-Day 2015 (Paris, France)

Jun 2014

   “User experience evaluation” at Journée thématique UX (Paris, France)

Jun 2013

   “Designing for user experience” at FLUPA UX-Day 2013 (Paris, France)

Sept 2011

   “Prototyping techniques” at FLUPA (Luxembourg)

Jun 2011

   “Improving your information architecture with card sorting” at FLUPA (Luxembourg)


Interviews (in French)

Last updated on: 14 Jan 2020

  • Interaction 18 co-organizer and program chair (2018, Lyon, France)

Program and workshop chair for the international IxDA conference Interaction 18 (interaction18.ixda.org)

  • Association Internationale de Pédagogie Universitaire (AIPU) – antenne Luxembourg (2018)

Co-founder of the Luxembourgish local chapter of the International Association of University Pedagogy

  • FLUPA Council Member(2011-2017), Vice President(2012-2013, 2016-2017), General Secretary(2011)

Actively involved in the French-speaking European local chapter of the UxPA (User Experience Professionals’ Association). Organization of more than 70 workshops and conferences in France, Luxembourg, and Belgium since 2011.

  • FLUPA UX-Days Organizer and Chairwoman (2012-2017)

Main organizer and conference chair of the annual 2-days event FLUPA UX-Days (involving up to 600 participants/year in Paris).

  • International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB)

Contribution to the translation and quality assurance of CPUX-F (Certified Professional for Usability and UX) into French.



[Conferences] CHI’16-19 (excellent reviewer recognition 2017), IHM’13-18, MobileHCI’15, OzCHI’15, DIS’16-17.

[Journals] Interacting with Computers, Computers in Human Behavior, Human Technology, TOCHI, Sustainable Cities and Society.


2011-present: ACM SIGCHI member (Association for Computing Machinery, special interest group in HCI)

2011-2017: UXPA international association

Last updated on: 14 Jan 2020

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