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Christopher Morse

Christopher Morse
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
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See detailExperiential Culture: Feeling the Museum of the Future
Morse, Christopher

Presentation (2019, October 25)

See detailExperience Design for Digital Cultural Heritage
Morse, Christopher

Scientific Conference (2019, September)

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See detailWhat’s in a Name: Gamifying the Intangible History of Larochette, Luxembourg
Morse, Christopher; de Kramer, Marleen

in Börner, Wolfgang; Uhlirz, Susanne (Eds.) Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies 2018. CHNT 23, 2018 (Vienna 2019) (2019)

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See detailArt in Rich-Prospect: Evaluating Next-Generation User Interfaces for Cultural Heritage
Morse, Christopher; Koenig, Vincent; Lallemand, Carine; Wieneke, Lars

in Morse, Christopher; Koenig, Vincent; Lallemand, Carine; Wieneke, Lars (Eds.) MW2019: Museums and the Web, Boston 2-6 April 2019 (2019, March)

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See detailReconstructing the Historic Landscape of Larochette, Luxembourg
de Kramer, Marleen; Mersch, Sam; Morse, Christopher

in Digital Heritage. Progress in Cultural Heritage: Documentation, Preservation, and Protection (2018)

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See detailPresentation of the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History – C2DH Doctoral Training Unit
van der Heijden, Tim; Andersen, Eva; Bronec, Jakub; de Kramer, Marleen; Durlacher, Thomas; Fiscarelli, Antonio Maria; Haddadan, Shohreh; Kamlovskaya, Ekaterina; Lotz, Jan; Mersch, Sam; Morse, Christopher; Sikk, Kaarel; van Herck, Sytze

Scientific Conference (2017, November 27)

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See detailThe New Interactive: Reimagining Visual Collections as Immersive Environments
Emanuel, Jeffrey; Morse, Christopher; Hollis, Luke

in Visual Resources Association Bulletin (2016), 43(2),

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