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 Welcome to the Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) Research Group


The CBA Research Group forms part of the Institute of Cognitive Science and Assessment (COSA) and the Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Science. As a Research Group, we seek to explore students’ cognitive skills, personality, and environments with the use of educational technology to enable students to develop their full potential, increase the scientific understanding of a host of different target variables, and to foster lifelong learning across age levels.

We do research on the theoretical understanding of these topics, conduct empirical investigations in diverse student (and other) populations, and ultimately, we ask how to foster important antecedents of later success in life.

In this, we are interested in cognitive skills such as problem solving, working memory, and intelligence but also in personality components such as motivation, self-concept, or meta-cognition.

In a comprehensive view of skill development, learning, and teaching, we focus on different levels of understanding including individual processes and performance outcomes, learning environments, and societal context factors employing a host of quantitative methods.


























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