Human-Computer Interaction

Social sciences meet technology

The HCI research group at the University of Luxembourg focuses on technology as an experience, embedded in everyday life products, systems and services. The research group offers a platform for exchanging lessons learned or questions, and for engaging into new ideas and challenges. Our underlying mission is to create societal impact and business value. The interdisciplinary approach inherent to User Experience (UX) allows for bridging the gap between the disciplines which leads to a deeper understanding of technology design and research. 

Situated mainly in the “applied cognitive science” pillar of the Research Unit, a dynamic team of researchers, PhD students and technical experts form this group. Grounded in the fields of User Experience (UX) design and Human-Computer Interaction, our methodological process is supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure on Belval campus: the User Lab. 

Research conducted by this group currently concerns topics like human-centred design processes and user experience, educational technology and computer-based assessments, socio-technical aspects of IT security, digital cultural heritage.

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Head of the Human-Computer Interaction research groupVincent Koenig

Researchers: Carine Lallemand, Sophie DoubletVincent Fourrier

Post docs: Kerstin Bongard-Blanchy, Margault Sacre, Anastasia Sergeeva

PhD studentsXiaowei Chen, Luce Drouet, Florence Kristin Lehnert, Alina Lushnikova, Suvadeep Mukherjee, Lorena Sanchez Chamorro, Romain ToeboschReha Tuncer  

Technical support: Sascha Helsper, Roland Hensel

Main research topics HCI research group


UX research at its highest potential

Designing for optimal experiences requires a thorough methodological process. For this purpose, the University of Luxembourg has built a brand-new laboratory in mid-2018, dedicated to the user-centred design and research activities. The User Lab comprises several areas, devoted to user research, creativity techniques and co-creation to support experience design from the earliest stages. A test room, an observation room and a technical room can be used simultaneously depending on the research interests. Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, the User Lab allows simulating single or multiple user interactions in a controlled environment.   

User Lab - HCI research group

The User Lab, a state-of-the-art infrastructure on Belval Campus