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Research Facilities

The Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences has three laboratories and one diagnostic centre to carry out different research activities across the department. In general, all labs are used for experimentation and measurement under controlled conditions. The labs and the psychological diagnostic centre are also used for teaching and training both at the Master and PhD levels.






The Media and Experimental Lab (MEXLAB) is part of the research about Health Promotion and Aggression Prevention. (Head & Administration: Dr. André Melzer).












The Psychological Assessment and Testing Laboratory (PAT-LAB) is part of the research about Health and Behaviour. (Head: Prof. Georges Steffgen, Lab Administration: Dr Andreia Costa).












The Clinical Psychophysiology Laboratory (CLIPSLAB) is part of the research about Self-Regulation and Health. (Head: Prof. Dr Claus Vögele, Lab Administration: Dr André Schulz).












The Laboratory of Psychobiology and Neurophysiology (LPN) is part of the research about Stress, Pain and Pain Modulation. (Head & Administration: Prof. Dr Fernand Anton).












The Digital Documentation and Research Centre – Youth (DDRC) is a part of the Institute for Research on Generations and Family and is administered by the research group Youth Research. (Head: Prof. Dr. Helmut Willems, DDRC Development & Administration: Rouven Hehlert).