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MIMY: Projection of short films

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Published on Wednesday, 07 September 2022

MIMY: Projection of short films created in the framework of a 'digital storytelling workshop'


DUDELANGE2022 » Re-Retour de Babel

You are warmly invited to the MIMY event “Voicing the unknown: Reclaiming our stories beyond integration!” In the context of the Re-Retour de Babel exhibition, three short films created by an engaged group of young people during the MIMY Digital Storytelling workshop will be screened:

“Hunger”, “Conflicting Souls” and “Osez-vous regarder dans le miroir “, as well as a short film about the creation process of these three films.

Starting from the question “tell us the story of a moment you felt powerful”, the young filmmakers explored and revisited an aspect of their integration story in Luxembourg in a very personal way, before transforming these into short films.

The projection of the films will be followed by an exchange between the MIMY researchers, the young filmmakers and the audience on the discussion of the Digital Storytelling process, introduced by a short film on the workshop produced by documentarist and MIMY researcher Catherine Richard.

When & Where ?

  • 1st October, 5pm-7pm
  • Centre d’art Dominique Lang, Gare Dudelange-Ville

Reservation required @ marlene.kreins@dudelange.lu

The event takes place in the framework of MIMY, European-funded research project and “Re-retour de Babel”, an exhibition part of Esch2022.

Contact: Catherine Richard & Amalia Gilodi

MIMY has received funding from the
European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme
under Grant Agreement No. 870700.