The Department of Geography and Spatial Planning offers the following study programs:

Master in Geography and Spatial Planning (académique)

This Master’s Programme (taught in English) provides insights into the analysis of the patterns of spatial development and spatial governance in Europe, with a strong emphasis on integrative approaches and sustainable development strategies. It responds to the growing need for highly qualified experts able to deal with European and cross-border issues.

Further information: www.spatial.uni.lu

Master in Border Studies

Our Master in Border Studies is a two-year joint international study program, which addresses the complex economic, political, social and cultural issues of borders and of border regions in Europe and beyond. The study program is designed for students with different disciplinary backgrounds who wish to develop the necessary skills and competencies to work in intercultural and cross-border settings. Courses are taught in German, French and English. The multilingual study program is located in three countries at four different universities:

  • University of Luxembourg (LUX) 
  • University of Lorraine (FR)
  • Saarland University (DE)
  • University of Kaiserslautern (DE)

Further information: www.uni-gr.eu/en/Master_Border_Studies

Master in Architecture

The Master in Architecture is a two-year English-taught programme which combines both a traditional curriculum of architectural education and a profiled programme structured around three major themes:architecture, European urbanisation and globalisation.

The Master in Architecture educates future architects with specific additional skills in research and knowledge in the field ofurban design particular to European urbanism and globalisation.

Further information: http://masterarchitecture.lu/ and Master in Architecture at the University of Luxembourg

Formation Continue en Aménagement du Territoire

La formation (français/allemand) s’adresse aux employé(e)s municipaux ou autres, qui exercent leur pratique dans le domaine de l’aménagement régional et local dans la Grande Région ou au Luxembourg. Il s’agit surtout des architectes, des urbanistes et des géographes diplômés, ainsi que des ingénieurs–techniciens / ingénieurs industriels disposant d’expériences dans le domaine de l’aménagement communal.

Plus d'informations: www.fcat.uni.lu