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Prof. Dr. Constanze Weth

Constanze Weth

Associate professor

Research Topics Spelling acquisition in multilingual contexts, Multilingual writing in contexts of language ausbau, Literacy practices, Visualization of grammatical structures in language learning settings
Faculty or Centre Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
Department Department of Humanities
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
Campus Office MSH, E03 15-090
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 9284

Constanze Weth is head of the Institute for Research on Multilingualism (MLing).

Her research interests are:

  • Spelling acquisition in multilingual contexts
  • Multilingual writing in contexts of language ausbau
  • Literacy practices
  • Visualization of grammatical structures in language learning settings

Her focus languages are German, French and Luxembourgish in contact with heritage languages such as Arabic, Occitan, and Portuguese.

To address her research interests, she uses structural linguistic analyses, psycholinguistic experiments and sociolinguistic ethnography.

Last updated on: Tuesday, 04 February 2020

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Conference organization in 2017-2018

Last updated on: 12 Feb 2018

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Professional Career

  • Since 2013: Associate Professor at the University of Luxembourg
  • 2008-2012: Lecturer (Akademische Rätin) at the University of Education Freiburg, Germany
  • 2005-2008: Lecturer (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at the University of Osnabrück, Germany
  • 2002-2005: PhD student at the doctoral schoolMigration in modern Europeof the Institute for Migration and Intercultural Studies (IMIS) at the University of Osnabrück, Germany
  • 1991-1996: Milliner working in Witten (Germany), Paris and Berlin

Academic Career and Qualifications

  • 2007: PhD in Linguistics at the University of Osnabrück, Germany. Title: Mehrsprachige Schriftpraktiken in Frankreich. Eine ethnographische und linguisti­sche Untersuchung zum Umgang mehrsprachiger Grundschüler mit Schrift. [Multilingual writing practices in France. An ethnographic and linguistic study about how primary school children use writing]
  • 2001: Master of Cultural Studies and French Language Studies, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
  • 1996-2001: Student of Cultural Studies and French Language Studies, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
  • 1999: Student of Modern Languages, Blaise Pascal University Clermont-Ferrand, France

Last updated on: 02 Jun 2020

  • Current Research Projects

GRASP - Effects of Grammatical Reflection on Spelling among multilingual pupils (April 2019 - March 2022)
Using grammatical reflection to get a grasp on syntactic orthographic markers
Principal Investigator
Funding: Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR)

Doctoral Training Unit Capitalizing on Linguistic Diversity (CALDIE) (2017-2021)
Principal Investigator of the project The development of orthographic practices of multilingual pupils, research axis Language Learning and Achievement
The doctoral training unit focuses on the fundamental question of how learners’ linguistic repertoires interact with their learning.
Funding: Fonds National de Recherche Luxembourg (FNR), PRIDE scheme, Chief Investigator: Adelheid Hu

Morphosyntactic Spelling (MorphoSyn) (2014-2021)
Principal Investigator
The project is investigating how explicit teaching of morphological and morphosyntactic structures in these written language(s) enhances pupils’ morphological and morphosyntactic processing skills, thus improving and spelling at the word and sentence levels. The project is partially integrated into the CALIDIE doctoral training unit.
Funding: University of Luxembourg


  • Past Research Projects

Making Literacy Meaningful (MLM) (2017-2019)
Principal Investigator of the Luxembourgish section
The project Making Literacy Meaningful is developing practical skills in the area of language and literacy development, with a specific focus on multilingual and multicultural classrooms. (http://euliteracy.eu/)
Funding: European Union (ERASMUS+ scheme)

LitCo – Literacies in Contact (2014-2018)
Principal Investigator with M. Böhm (PH Karlsruhe)
The research network LitCo has been exploring the use of written language in multilingual settings. The major goal of LitCo is to bring about a change of perspective in current fields of studies and to systematically relate multilingualism to literacies.
Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG), Research network scheme

Apprentissage langagier de tous les élèves de l’école et cohérence verticale entre tous les cycles [Language learning of all school pupils and coherence of language education across primary school] (2014-2017)
Principal Investigator
Collaborative research within the 'Plan de Réussite Scolaire' [Plan for scholarly success] of the primary school Dellhéicht, Esch-sur Alzette, Luxembourg. The Bricks Grammar (Bausteng Grammatik) has been developed within the context of the project
Funding: SCRIPT/Ministry of Education Luxembourg

VisDeM – Visualisierung im Deutsch- und Mathematikunterricht [Visualization in the German and Mathematics classroom] (2013-2016)
Principal Investigator with P Gretsch (PH Freiburg) of the projects German Grammar within the Doctoral School
Visualization in the German and the mathematics classroom (VisDeM) is an interdisciplinary graduate school at the University of Education Freiburg (Germany). It aims at finding answers to the overarching question how learning processes regarding abstract concepts can be fostered by means of subject-specific multimodal representations.
Funding: Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg, FUN Kolleg scheme

Bilingualer Schulversuch Müllheim [Bilingual school experiment Müllheim] (2008-2010)
Principal Investigator
The study examined the learning and teaching processes of French (L2, L3) and German (L1, L2) during primary school. The project was part of the school project Mehr Sprache und Kultur of the Michael-Friedrich-Wild Grundschule Müllheim, Germany.
Funding: Ministerium für Kultus, Jugend und Sport Baden-Württemberg
Sprachfüchse  (2007-2010)
Principal Investigator
The pilot project Sprachfüchse ('language cub') was developed and implemented in cooperation with the local associations AWO, ASB, Quer-Wege and Kindersprachbrücke. It aimed to develop language and literacy skills of Five-year-old children in eight kindergartens in Jena. The evaluation of the pilot project was positive and the project, therefore, consolidated.
Funding: Town of Jena


Last updated on: 07 May 2020

  • BScE - Bachelor of Educational Sciences
  • Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts
  • Master in Secondary Education
  • Teacher Training at the National Institute for Teacher Training in Luxembourg (IFEN)

Last updated on: 09 Feb 2018

  • Lisa Klasen: The effects of grammatical reflection for spelling French plural markers among grade 4 pupils and intra-individual development throughout one year
  • Katinka Mangelschots: The effects of grammatical reflection for spelling capitals of German nouns among grade 4 pupils and intra-individual development throughout one year
  • Anne Lorenz: Prozesse beim Schrifterwerb bilingual deutsch-französischer Grundschulkinder. Eine empirische Longitudinalstudie zum Einfluss des Erstschriftsystems auf den Zweitschrifterwerb.

Defended doctoral theses:

  • Linda Brucher: The development of orthographic practices of multilingual pupils
  • Laura Hahn: Effekte alternativer Visualisierungen auf den Kompetenzzuwachs zu expliziten Grammatiken (Effects of alternative visualisations on the acquisition of explicit grammatical forms and functions) (co-tutelle)
  • Natalia Bilici: Acquisition of grammatical information within French and German orthography by multilingual Luxembourgish children

Last updated on: 04 Aug 2021

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Full Text
See detailGrowing up with multilingual literacies and implications for spelling
Weth, Constanze; Schroeder, Christoph

in Stavans, Anat; Jessner-Schmid, Ulrike (Eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of Childhood Multilingualism (2022)

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Full Text
See detailSpelling patterns of plural marking and learning trajectories in French taught as a foreign language
Weth, Constanze; Ugen, Sonja; Fayol, Michel; Natalia, Bîlici

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Full Text
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Full Text
See detailThe effect of a syntactic training on multilingual fifth graders' spelling patterns of noun capitalization in German
Bilici, Natalia; Ugen, Sonja; Weth, Constanze

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Full Text
See detailThe impact of syntactic and lexical trainings on capitalization of nouns in German in grade five
Brucher, Linda; Ugen, Sonja; Weth, Constanze

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Full Text
See detailDistinguishing Syntactic Markers From Morphological Markers. A Cross-Linguistic Comparison
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Full Text
See detailSchon alles gesagt zur satzinternen Großschreibung? Perspektiven auf die aktuellen Diskussionen in der Sprachdidaktik
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Full Text
See detailThe adaptation of MAIN to Luxembourgish
Weth, Constanze; Wealer, Cyril

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See detailGraphematisches Segment
Weth, Constanze

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See detailZusammengesetztes Graphem
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See detailTrigraph
Weth, Constanze

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See detailMorphosyntactic spelling German and French as second (written) languages in the Luxembourgish context
Weth, Constanze; Bilici, Natalia; Ugen, Sonja

Presentation (2019, April 05)

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Full Text
See detailThe Effect of Morphosyntactic Training on Multilingual Fifth-Graders' Spelling in French
Bilici, Natalia; Ugen, Sonja; Fayol, Michel; Weth, Constanze

in Applied Psycholinguistics (2018), 39(6), 1319-1343

See detailPhonetik, Phonologie und Schrift
Dahmen, Silvia; Weth, Constanze

Book published by Ferdinand Schöningh (2018)

See detailTyranny of Writing: Ideologies of the Written Word
Weth, Constanze; Juffermans, Kasper

Book published by Bloomsbury (2018)

See detailIntroduction: The Tyranny of Writing in Language and Society
Weth, Constanze; Juffermans, Kasper

in Weth, Constanze; Juffermans, Kasper (Eds.) Tyranny of Writing: Ideologies of the Written Word (2018)

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See detailThe effect of training morphosyntactic markers in German and in French on multilingual fifth-graders' spelling.
Bilici, Natalia; Ugen, Sonja; Fayol, Michel; Weth, Constanze

Scientific Conference (2017, June 26)

Full Text
See detailBausteng Grammatik - Bausteine Grammatik - Briques de Grammaire: Material zum Erforschen von Wörtern und Sätzen
Weth, Constanze

Book published by Ministère de l'Education nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse / Université du Luxembourg (2017)

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Full Text
See detailThe effect of a French intervention on children´s spelling of morphosyntactic agreement.
Bilici, Natalia; Ugen, Sonja; Weth, Constanze

Poster (2016, July)

Full Text
See detailAssessing spelling skills related to morphosyntax of German-French biliterate pupils in a multilingual educational context
Ugen, Sonja; Bilici, Natalia; Fayol, Michel; Funke, Reinold; Weth, Constanze

Poster (2016, March 12)

See detailMehrsprachigkeit und Varietätenvielfalt an Luxemburgs Schulen
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Full Text
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Full Text
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See detail<la Schüppe> ou les ressources orthopgraphiques pour écrire le français en tant que langue étrangère
Weth, Constanze

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See detailLe provençal / L'occitan
Weth, Constanze

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See detailOrthographie- und Schriftspracherwerb in mehreren Sprachen – ein Forschungsüberblick.
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See detailDer Nutzen von Orthographie im Französisch-Anfangsunterricht.
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Full Text
See detailGesteuert-ungesteuerter Schrifterwerb in der Fremdsprache.
Weth, Constanze

in IMIS Beiträge (2010), 37

Full Text
See detailEinführung
Weth, Constanze

in IMIS Beiträge (2010), 37

See detailHypothesen über Schrift von in Frankreich aufgewachsenen marokkanischen Grundschulkindern.
Weth, Constanze

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See detailStrukturierte Sprachförderung ganzheitlich eingebunden – das Jenaer Modellprojekt Sprachfüchse.
Weth, Constanze

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See detail"Wörter, Wendungen und Sätze so aus dem Gedächtnis schreiben, dass sie eindeutig erkennbar sind": Überlegungen zum Umgang mit Schrift im frühen Fremdsprachenunterricht.
Weth, Constanze

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See detailDie Komplexität von Schriftsprache: Schul- und Familiensprachen marokkanischer Kinder in Frankreich
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See detailSchriftsprachliche Ressourcen marokkanischer Kinder in Frankreich.
Weth, Constanze

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See detailOrthographie als soziale Praxis: Verschriftungslösungen des Okzitanischen
Weth, Constanze

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See detail„Catinou et Jacouti“. L’usage de l’occitan et du français dans une chronique occitane.
Weth, Constanze

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