Institute for German Language, Literature and Interculturality

The Institute is dedicated to the German language and its literature from the early Middle Ages to the present, in its entire bandwidth. The research and teaching of the Institute extends to the following sub-disciplines:

A central element in the formation of this profile is the field of interculturality, which forms a cross-cutting theme for all sub-disciplines represented in the Institute. In addition, research and teaching focus on didactics, literature and cultural theory, media studies and research on multilingualism, as well as theatre and the relationship between law and culture.

Finally, the Institute offers a total of five degree programmes, including a BA programme within the framework of the BCE (Bachelor en Cultures Européennes), a binational Master Theaterwissenschaft und Interkulturalität (in cooperation with the University of Trier), a trinational Master in Literatur-, Kultur- und Sprachgeschichte des deutschsprachigen Raums (in cooperation with the Université de Lorraine and Saarland University), a European Master's in Transnational German Studies (in cooperation with the universities of Porto, Mainz and Palermo) and - as part of Teacher training - a Master's in Secondary Education.

The Institute for German Language, Literature and Interculturality is structurally integrated into the Department of Humanities and constantly takes up suggestions from philology (English, Luxembourgish and Romance studies), history and philosophy to support the research of interdisciplinary issues.

  • Institutssitz in Belval
  • Institutssitz in Belval