Degree programmes

Bachelor en Cultures Européennes – German Studies

The degree programme Bachelor en Cultures Européennes (BCE for short) offers the possibility to choose German Studies as a major subject. German Studies at the University of Luxembourg teaches German literature and language in its entire breadth, and includes courses on Modern German Literature, Medieval Studies (literature of the Middle Ages and historical linguistics), and Linguistics (linguistics of contemporary language).

Trinational Master’s in the History of Literature, Culture, and Language of the German-Speaking World

German Studies in the dynamic SaarLorLux region also helps students develop intercultural skills: this unique opportunity is offered by the trinational Master’s programme jointly offered by the Université du Luxembourg, the Université de Lorraine (Metz), and the University of Saarland. It is dedicated to German language and literature from the beginnings to the present, and combines different national cultures of study and research in an innovative way. Students become acquainted with three different research traditions and acquire strong intercultural skills.

Master’s in Theatre Studies and Interculturality

The cross-border and multilingual Master’s programme offers a special opportunity to study Theatre Studies from an intercultural perspective. Together with the University of Trier, different national study and academic cultures are connected in an innovative way. Students learn about different research traditions and acquire the ability to reflect on them interculturally.

Master en Enseignement Secondaire

This Master’s degree aims to enable students to work as highly qualified teachers in the Luxembourg school system. It is divided into three subject areas: German Studies, Romance Studies (French), and Mathematics. Students will be able to deepen their knowledge in the respective fields and develop the skills needed for teaching in the classroom.

Master’s in Transnational German Studies

Transnational German Studies is a programme for all who are interested in tracing the lines of connection between European communities in the humanities with historical depth. At four European universities (in Porto, Luxembourg, Mainz, Palermo), students will deepen their knowledge of German Medieval Studies, European Cultural History, and Literary Studies, as well as strengthen their professional skills, which will qualify them for a variety of responsibilities in society. The degree programme allows students to experience in a powerful way academic as well as personal intercultural exchange in the European Higher Education Area.