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Medieval studies at the University of Luxembourg offers a wide range of events that allow students to experience the Middle Ages outside the lecture hall and to come into contact with international guest lecturers, and that foster academic exchange:


Aktuelles und Veranstaltungen groß


Current guest lectures

29.11.2021 | ‚Hoppes Mittelalter‘: Felicitas Hoppe (Georg-Büchner-Preisträgerin) visits the University of  Luxembourg. Event as part of the lecture series TRANSFORMATION(EN). Modernes Mittelalter im Dialog (registration via email:;; further information.

12.05.2021 | Martin Sebastian Hammer (Wuppertal): Blind Lord, Seeing Servant. Perspectives of the ‘other’ in the Stricker fables and in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Lecture as part of the lecture series Minority Report. Perspectives of the ‘other’ in literature, theatre, and (new) media.

23.04.2020 | Manuel Schwembacher (Universität Salzburg): Earthly paradise as a place of happiness. Lecture as part of the Master’s programme Moments of happiness in literary worlds of the Middle Ages.

25.03.2020 | Prof. Dr. Bernd Bastert / Dr. Lina Herz (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): Making truth, faking truth. Echo chambers of late-medieval travelogues. Lecture as part of the lecture series Fake News. Of facts and fictions in literature and media.





















12.05.2021 | Movie Afternoon Fritz Lang: Die Nibelungen (1924). Event as part of the lecture series TRANSFORMATION(EN). Modernes Mittelalter im Dialog. 'Hoppes Mittelalter' (registration via email:;; further information.

Impressions from the excursion to the Gutenberg Museum | Mainz 2019


Conferences & Workshops

13.02.-15.02.2020 | Colloquium “Prejudice and Bias – cultural and literary-historical perspectives”, University of Mainz (in cooperation with the University of Luxembourg).

12.-13.11.2018 | “Middle Ages between Fascination and Progress. Taking stock and searching for meaning using the example of Luxembourg”. Interdisciplinary symposium of the Institut d’Histoire, University of Luxembourg.

19.06.2017 | "Employable Middle Ages. Learning from ancient texts for Europe’s future". Multiple event as part of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership Talc_me (Textual and Literary Cultures in Medieval Europe, University of Luxembourg).


Teaching Projects

2021/2022 Erasmus+-Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) with the universities of Saarbrücken and L'Aquila
(project title: 'intermediality')



Aktuelles und Veranstaltungen