Research and publications

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The following publications present medieval research at the University of Luxembourg to an interested public:

Forschung und Publikation


Recent monographs

  • Bendheim/Hammer (eds.): TimeSpaceTransgressions in pre-modern narratives. Thematic issue of Contributions to medieval narrative research (BmE Thematic Issue 9). Oldenburg 2021. (online)
  • Bendheim/Sieburg (Hg.): (eds.): Prague in the time of the Luxembourg Dynasty. Literature, religion, and ruling cultures between enrichment and assertion. Bielefeld: Transcript 2018.
  • Bendheim/Sieburg (eds.): Thematic Issue Intercultural Medieval Studies of the Journal for Intercultural German Studies (ZiG 10/2). Bielefeld: Transcript 2018.

Publications via ORBilu:


Forschung und Publikation