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The following courses provide an insight into the current range of courses in German medieval studies.

Lehre groß

Courses in the Bachelor’s programme

  • Introduction to Medieval Studies (winter term)
  • Introduction to Middle High German (summer term)
  • Excursive reading of Middle High German texts (summer term)
  • Works, Genres, and Authors of the Middle Ages (summer term)
  • Cultural Aspects of Medieval Studies (summer term)
  • Introduction to German Literary History (Part I) (winter term)

Courses in the Master’s programme (a selection)

  • Interculturality of the Pre-Modern World (summer term 2021)
  • *frecher schalc, käfich, minne unt asyl. Discourses of freedom reflected in pre-modern literature (summer term 2021)
  • Places of Happiness and Objects of Happiness in Literary Worlds of the Middle Ages (summer term 2020)
  • Âventiure suochen – Encountering texts. Literary learning with medieval heroes in modern media networks (summer term 2018)
  • Medieval Studies at School: Sparks between the Middle Ages and modern times (winter term 2016)
  • The Middle Ages and Early Modern Period from the Perspective of Media and Cultural Studies (summer term)

The current teaching projects of our students also offer impressions from the courses.