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Open Access: Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Germanistik (ZiG)

Purpose of the publication





Die Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Germanisitk (ZiG) takes into account that interculturalism has established itself as a leading and innovative category of research both in national and international German language and literature studies. The publication provides a scientific forum to discuss research activities in this field. It picks up current questions in the field of German literature, cultural and language studies and wants to contribute to compile the different tendencies and trends in the researching of interculturalism as well as elaborate its theoretical conditions.

Since the research paradigm cannot be viewed from individual disciplinary perspectives anymore, the ZiG considers itself an interdisciplinary and open institution grounded in the international scientific context. Hence, the ZiG is the ideal periodical for international literary and cultural scholars working on current and innovative questions of German linguistics and literature.

Frequency of the publication

The ZiG appears twice a year and contains discourses, scientific contributions and discussion items (in English and German) as well as reviews of current articles on research in interculturalism. Each issue contains a literature essay and a theoretical contribution. Occasionally special editions dedicated to specific topics may be published.

Open Access

The ZiG is accessible via the platforms of the publishers transcript and Melusina Press (University of Luxembourg).

Peer Review

The ZiG is a peer-reviewed journal. Only contributions that received a positive review from two independent experts are published in the sections “Essays” and “Key topics”. The reviews are anonymous. A third review will be requested if the first and second review differ substantially. 

The reviewers can also accept contributions for certain editions. In this case, the editors verify if the edited contribution complies with requirements.

Notice for authors

Contributors are requested to send their manuscripts in WORD or RTF format to contact@zig-online.de. Instructions on how to submit your contributions can be found in our style sheet

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement