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Research focus “Law and Culture”

Led by Prof. Dr. Georg Mein, and based on the edition of the German translation of the work of the psychoanalyst and legal historian Pierre Legendre, the research focus “Law and Culture” has been established in cooperation with the University of Luxembourg’s Institute of Philosophy of Law in the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Finance. Here, we deal with questions of the representational bond between subject and institutional order, taking into account current linguistic and structural, but especially technological, tendencies (focus on Blockchain) and developments, and examining them for their effects on traditional concepts of subjectivity, institutionality, and law.
Collaborations have arisen here on different themes:

  • With the Centre for Border Studies at Uni.Lu (Christian Wille) and in cooperation with the Centre Georg Simmel at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, we work in regular meetings on the issue of “Grenze.Entgrenzung” (‘Border.Debordering’).
  • With the Groupe de Recherche sur la Culture de Weimar, Fondation Maison of the Sciences de l’Homme in Paris (Prof. Gérard Raulet), and with the research focus „Kulturelle Orientierung und Normative Bindung“ at the University of Koblenz-Landau (Prof. Christian Bermes), we are organizing a long-term workshop series on “Formen ziviler und politischer Repräsentation” (‘Forms of civil and political representation’) (funded by the Centre interdisciplinaire d’études et de recherches sur l’Allemagne (CIERA)).
  • We have established a link with the Institut d’Études Avancées in Nantes (Prof. Pierre Musso) on “Structures de croyance des sociétés et technologies”.                                                                                                                                    

Contact: Dr. Katrin Becker (katrin.becker@uni.lu)