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Identity Construction in Multilingual Literature: A comparison between Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands (Multiling)

FNR Core Project

Project leader and staff: Georg Mein, Isabell Baumann, Till Dembeck, Anne Uhrmacher
Cooperation partners: Anke Gilleir (Catholic University of Leuven), Liesbeth Minnaard (University of Leiden), Rolf Parr and Thomas Ernst (University of Duisburg-Essen), Claude D. Conter (Centre national de littérature)
Duration: 15 October 2011-14 October 2014

Different understandings of language and linguisticity can generate or at least reflect cultural conflicts, because they are often linked to equally different strategies of identity construction. The project “Multiling” used the example of contemporary multilingual literary texts to investigate this connection between linguistic and cultural identification.