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REMIX PLACE, European Capital of Culture ESCH2022

Dr Estelle Evrard, project leader (Geography)
Dr Natalie Bloch (Theatre Studies and Interculturality)

Part of the Capital of Culture Esch 2022, the interdisciplinary and intermedial project REMIX PLACE combines geography and theatre studies, scholarly research, documentary theatre performance, and multimedia exhibition.

At the centre of the project is the question of what role places – local ties as well as feelings of deracination – play in the identity of citizens in the French-Luxembourg border region of Alzette-Belval. Walking interviews will be conducted with those crossing the borders and with locals, and data collected, with these then being translated into artistic works as so-called ‘reality material’. A multimedia exhibition and a documentary staging will give the general public aesthetic and theatrical access to the research findings.

Further information on the website: https://esch2022.uni.lu