Institute of Philosophy

The Institute of Philosophy comprises two areas of research: Philosophy and European Governance

Welcome to the Institute of Philosophy!

The Institute’s focus in research and teaching is modern and contemporary European philosophy. We regularly organize international conferences, workshops and guest lectures, and offer a wide range of courses in this field. Corresponding to the Institute’s international character, the courses of our Master program are taught in English, and the courses of our BA program are taught in English, French, and German. The Institute offers attractive research opportunities in all areas of modern and contemporary European philosophy. For students of our Master program we offer research student assistantships.

Areas of specialisation

  • Modern and contemporary theoretical philosophy, esp. Kant and German Idealism, epistemology and philosophy of mind
    (Prof. Dr. Dietmar Heidemann)
  • Philosophy of mind, epistemology, ontology/metaphysics (Prof. Dr. Frank Hofmann)
  • Philosophy of Mind and Artificial Intelligence (Associate-Prof. Dr. Thomas Raleigh)
  • Modern and contemporary practical and political philosophy (Prof. Dr. Lukas Sosoe)

The Department offers the following academic degrees:

  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • PhD

Teaching activities