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PhD Conference in Social Sciences

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Event date: Thursday, 19 November 2020 09:00 am - 06:00 pm

From urban sustainability to electoral systems, from multi-level governance to parental leave policy - FHSE doctoral students produce innovative social science research answering most pressing questions of the modern world. This conference is the students’ opportunity to be exposed to the full academic conference experience. It is also an opportunity for our Faculty to give them active support through comments and critique in a collegial atmosphere.

9:10 PANEL 1
Space, Community, and Sustainability
Joe Birsens, Geography and Spatial Planning
Gilles Evrard Essuman, Geography and Spatial Planning
Michael Rafferty, Geography and Spatial Planning

11:00 PANEL 2
Europeanization and Democracy
Moritz Rehm, Political Science
Branimir Stanimirov, Political Science

12:00 PANEL 3
Elections and Electoral Systems
Ensar Muharemović, Political Science
Dan Schmit, Political Science

13:45 PANEL 4
Constructing Language and Culture
Hannes Fraissler, Philosophy
Veronika Lovritš, Multilingualism

14:45 PANEL 5
Capturing Causality: Overcoming Methodological Obstacles
Elisabeth Holl, Psychology
Anastasiya Lisina, LISER
Alessandro Procopio, Sociology

16:30 PANEL 6
Improving Quality of Life: Education, Parenting, Commuting
Florence Lehnert, Psychology
Richa Maheshwari, Geography and Spatial Planning
Merve Uzunalioğlu, LISER

Further details about the conference, including
the complete programme, can be found at:
Conference organiser Josip Glaurdić:

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