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Science of Science: Peter Weingart :Trust in science – Probing the concept

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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Peter Weingart, Professor emeritus of Sociology, Sociology of Science and Science Policy at the University of Bielefeld, Germany
Event date: Wednesday, 14 December 2022 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm

Trust in science has become a concern among academic organizations and science policymakers alike. It is the subject of surveys – which often diagnose a decline of trust – as well as of policies to engage and communicate to the public. But the concept of trust is rarely probed as to what it actually entails in terms of the place of science in society, functional differentiation of society, reasons for bestowing trust, objects of trust on different levels (micro, meso, macro) of analysis, and venues of perception of science (direct vs. mediated experience, i.e. by journalistic media or digital platforms). By ignoring these analytical aspects the use of the concept of trust in science in surveys and communication strategies remains meaningless.

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