Subjective Wellbeing and Identity Construal in a Changing World (SWITCH)

Luxembourg takes an exceptional position with its diverse population and its foreign population percentage of nearly 47% even within a globalized world. Culture contact, meeting people of different nationalities and backgrounds, switching between languages are normal every day occurrences in Luxembourg. Children are growing up in mixed-national households, country of birth of children and their parents differ and dual citizenship is on the rise. 

  • What are the consequences for the process of identity construal in such a complex environment?
  • Which impact has the constant switching between different cultural frames on identity processes?
  • Which acculturation strategies will young people develop, navigating across contexts?
  • Within these acculturation strategies, which patterns are best for outcomes such as wellbeing and academic achievement?
  • What role does the school context play in facilitating these positive outcomes? 


This diagram of a scale-free network contains components with a highly diverse level of connectivity. Some components form highly interconnected hubs, while other components have few connections, yet there are many levels of interconnectivity in between. This diagram illustrates also the complex process of identity construal – with some facets being more central, representing hubs, yet other elements being connected – some closely others at the periphery. Computer simulations have shown that this type of scale-free networks evolve more rapidly and smoothly than random networks. However, the problem is that it usually takes time to find which connections you have to change within a network to achieve the target function.  This research project also aims to find out which connections within the network facilitate wellbeing and academic success as target outcomes.



This project is funded by the Fonds National de la Recherche Luxembourg (2017 – 2020) in the CORE Junior Track Scheme – Project Code C16/SC/11337403.


Elke Murdock
(Principal Investigator) 


Maria Stogianni
(Research Associate) 

Georges Steffgen


Jaan Valsiner


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