Wealth Inequality and Mobility Workshop

ECSR Thematic Workshop

“Wealth Inequality and Mobility”

December 6-7, 2018, University of Luxembourg, Belval Campus


The new role of wealth in social mobility, family transmission, opportunity, stratification and class analysis

“Wealth is back”, to paraphrase Piketty and Zucman’s (2014) famous paper. The wealth-to-income ratio W/I has doubled over the last generation in the US, France and in many other countries. As a consequence, wealth-based inequalities have become a major dimension in the social structure - much more than expected in the 1970s at the climax of the wage earner society. With the parallel increase in housing prices, wealth is now more than a simple perturbation in the occupational, earnings or educational based system of stratification. 

Housing constraints, consumption of durable goods, access to education, social mobility, reproduction, family solidarity and transmission, etc. are major dimensions of stratification that could be strongly impacted by wealth accumulation. Their consequences in terms of life course, gender and ethnic differentiation, class structure etc. can no longer be neglected. Welfare regimes themselves might be influenced by those changes, since investment in skills (tuition, fees and board) retirement, health, cost of seniors' dependence are directly linked to wealth accumulation regimes.

The aim of this workshop is to propose a multidisciplinary vision of the development of wealth studies in sociology, economics, social policy, etc. and related disciplines.


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Nora Müller, PhD, GESIS -
Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences


Fabian T. Pfeffer, PhD
University of Michigan











































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Louis Chauvel, responsible













































Sabine Demazy, main contact sabine.demazy@uni.lu













































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November 12th, 2018















































































































































































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Registration form:  https://ecsr.uni.lu/call-for-papers/




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The University can arrange free access to a small number of persons interested in attending the two-days workshop. For more information on the workshop and an expression of interest to participate, please contact Sabine Demazy (wealthinequality@uni.lu)





Selection Committee




Eyal Bar-Haim (University of Luxembourg), Louis Chauvel (University of Luxembourg), Anette E. Fasang (Humboldt University & WZB, ECSR), Janet Gornick (CUNY, Stone Center, LIS), Anne Hartung (University of Luxembourg), Lucinda Platt (LSE),  Philippe Van Kerm (LISER & University of Luxembourg)








There is no registration fee for attending the workshop. Attendees are however responsible for arranging and funding their own accommodation and travel. Information about accommodation is available here https://ecsr.uni.lu/







Nora Muller at ECSR Thematic Workshop

FabianT.Pfeffer at ECSR Thematic Workshop

Anette Fasang at ECSR Thematic Workshop

Leonard Lim at ECSR Thematic Workshop








Alexandra Killewald at ECSR Thematic Workshop

Moshe Semyonov & Noah Lewin-Epstein at ECSR Thematic Workshop

Ilze Plavgo at ECSR Thematic Workshop






ECSR Thematic Workshop

ECSR Thematic Workshop

ECSR Thematic Workshop