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The multidimensional character of identity and the interdisciplinary project context require an equally diverse mix of research methods. A broad array of qualitative and quantitative research methods used in cultural studies and social sciences are being employed. Specifically, we use the following methods:






  • Standardized surveys/factor analysis: For the demarcation and characterization of socio-cultural milieus in the Luxembourgish society, a representative standardized survey is being conducted in cooperation with the polling institute TNS-ILRES. The data is subsequently evaluated by factor and correspondence analyses.
  • Qualitative interviews: Based on the representative survey, individuals from selected socio-cultural milieus are interviewed by means of focused, narrative, as well as in-depth, interviews.
  • Expert interviews: In order to frame the identity offers that transpire in the considered attribution processes, experts are being interviewed according to thematic focuses. These relevant persons stem from politics, the administration, the economy and the cultural professional sector.
  • Text, discourse and semiotic analyses: On the basis of a broad understanding of text, an ample corpus of material is being analyzed using textual, discourse and semiotic approaches. Objects of enquiry are, among others, law texts, official speeches, media reports, commercials, literatures, school books, topographical maps, signalization, art and the like.