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The triennial research project is heuristically subdivided into three research areas that, depending on the respective research questions and the methods employed, is being carried out in different constellations of the participating disciplines.





Conceptually, the project is structured into four main points, which are interrelated by a study group, focusing on socio-cultural affiliations:




Spaces and identities: How are identity-relevant social spaces constructed through discourse?

(Marion Colas-Blaise, Sonja Kmec, Gian-Maria Tore, Christian Schulz )

  • Raumkonstruktionen von Luxemburg im touristischen, wirtschaftlichen, raumplanerischen und edukativen Diskurs

Languages and identities: How are linguistic identities negociated?

(Peter Gilles, Sebastian Seela, Heinz Sieburg, Mélanie Wagner)

  • Multilingualism in the press and the parliament
  • Linguistic landscapes in Luxemburg

Perceptions and identities: How are identity-relevant self- and outside-perceptions about Luxembourg constructed through visual medium?

(Wilhelm Amann, Viviane Bourg, Paul Dell, Paul di Felice, Fabienne Lentz, Sebastian Reddeker)

  • Advertisement discourse in Luxembourg and its identity-constructing and mediating potential in a multicultural space
  • Identities in contemporary art in Luxembourg
  • Nation images: Luxembourg – German
  • Representations and discourses about the Italian immigration in Luxembourg

Everyday cultures and identities: How are identities negociated in everyday culture?

(Christel Baltes-Löhr, Agnès Prüm, Rachel Reckinger, Christian Wille)

  • Interaction of Anglo-Saxon-Popular Culture (Cinema and/or TV) with Luxembourg's Identity Building Processes
  • Gender-Konzepte
  • „Gutes Essen“: Politische Performativität und milieu-spezifische Aneignungen und Sinnkonstruktionen
  • Das Bild der Grenzgänger in Luxemburg

Study group socio-cultural milieus: Which socio-cultural milieus exist within the Luxembourgish society?

(Fernand Fehlen, Georg Mein)