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Dr. Isabell Eva Baumann

Isabell Eva Baumann

Postdoctoral researcher

Academic Area(s) Literature / Communication & mass media / Education & instruction
Faculty or Centre Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
Department LUCET
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
Campus Office MSH, E02 25-140
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 9331
Speaks English, French, German, Luxembourgish
Research Stays in Germany, Luxembourg, USA

Dr Isabell Eva Baumann

  • Research Scientist for Digital Education & Research at the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET)
  • Associate member of the Institute for German Language, Literature and Interculturality

Isabell Baumann coordinates the development of innovative teaching scenarios for Luxembourg secondary schools, with a special focus on digital didactics and digital media. The aim is to give teachers impulses for teaching development in a culture of digitality (https://pitt.lu/).


Research projects

(with Dominic Harion)

Effects and Impulses of COVID-19 on and for Learning in Luxembourg (EICEL) aims to develop effective teaching scenarios and sustainable digital teaching methods for the Luxembourg school system.

For this purpose, 2087 pupils and 513 teachers of the Enseignement Seciondaire as well as 1787 guardians were asked which methods were used during the corona-induced school shutdown – and which worked well and which not so well.

Based on the research results, concrete teaching methods and learning settings for the Enseignement Secondaire will be designed and impulses for teaching development in a culture of digitality will be derived. In the medium and long term, these study results and tools will be integrated into teacher training (e.g. Master in Secondary Education at the University of Luxembourg) and teacher training programmes (e.g. Formation Continue at IFEN). They will serve as a basis for the development of interdisciplinary 21st Century Education digital frameworks at national and European level (together with Dominic Harion).

(with Marianne Milmeister)

The use of tablets in secondary schools in Luxembourg (TUTS) examines the different facets of tablet use in Luxembourg secondary schools. The focus is mainly on how working with tablets is perceived in the classroom and which skills and competences are promoted through tablet use.

Within the framework of the annual school monitoring "ÉpStan", questionnaires from a total of 5237 seventh grade students were evaluated online in 2019 and 2020 with regard to tablet use. Furthermore, individual interviews were conducted with teachers and employees of the Ministry of Education, and a document analysis of the "one2one" project was carried out.

The findings from this project should contribute to the discussion on how learning content or competences related to tablet use could be tested in follow-up studies and how competences could be explicitly anchored in relevant documents (together with Marianne Milmeister).


Research interests

  • Education in a culture of digitality
  • Theory and practice of didactic digital teaching and learning concepts
  • Education systems in the multilingual space
  • Social inequalities in education systems
  • Language and education policy
  • Multilingual and intercultural societies


LuxERA (Luxembourg Educational Research Association)
LGV (Lëtzebuerger Germaniste Verband)
DGV (Deutscher Germanistenverband)
GSA (German Studies Association)
IVG (Internationale Vereinigung für Germanistik)

Last updated on: Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Last updated on: 15 Jun 2021

  • Didaktische Chancen digitaler Lehr- und Lernformen (MA)
  • Einführung in die Literaturdidaktik (MA)
  • Soziale Ungleichheit und Bildungschancen I, II, III (BA)
  • Kulturgeschichte und Kulturtheorie der Moderne: Literatur und Musik (BA)
  • Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten für Germanisten (BA)

Last updated on: 07 Dec 2018

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See detailThe Ends of the Humanities
Baumann, Isabell Eva; Dembeck, Till; Mein, Georg

Book published by Melusina Press (2022)

See detailBig Data and the Future of the Humanities.
Baumann, Isabell Eva; Mein, Georg

in Baumann, Isabell Eva; Dembeck, Till; Mein, Georg (Eds.) The Ends of Humanities (2022)

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Full Text
See detailWhy flipping the classroom is not enough: Digital curriculum making after the pandemic
Backes, Susanne; Baumann, Isabell Eva; Harion, Dominic; Sattler, Sabrina; Lenz, Thomas

in PROSPECTS Comparative Journal of Curriculum, Learning, and Assessment (2021)

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See detailSchöne Digitale Welt: Analysen und Einsprüche (Rezension)
Baumann, Isabell Eva

in MEDIENwissenschaft: Rezensionen, Reviews (2021), 38(2),

Full Text
See detail#gemeinsamlesen: Raptexte online kommentieren und diskutieren. Unterrichtsmaterialien für den Deutschunterricht
Baumann, Isabell Eva

in Programme for Innovative Teaching and Training (PITT) (2021)

Full Text
See detailBewegte Balladen: Balladen durch Erklärvideos erschließen. Unterrichtsmaterialien für den Deutschunterricht
Baumann, Isabell Eva

in Programme for Innovative Teaching and Training (PITT) (2021)

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See detailDigitales Lesen im Deutschunterricht
Baumann, Isabell Eva

in Programme for Innovative Teaching and Training (PITT) (2021)

See detailPodcast Café du Savoir. Episode 1: PITT– Programme for Innovative Teaching & Training
Baumann, Isabell Eva; Bissen, Manuel; Harion, Dominic; Kang, Liana; Lenz, Thomas

Speeches/Talks (2021)

Full Text
See detailLehren und Lernen auf Distanz – Impulse für digitale Unterrichtsentwicklung in Luxemburg
Baumann, Isabell Eva; Harion, Dominic

in Bildungsbericht für Luxemburg 2021 (2021)

Full Text
See detailEnseignement et apprentissage à distance. Pistes de développement pour une culture numérique au Luxembourg
Baumann, Isabell Eva; Harion, Dominic

in Rapport sur l‘éducation Luxembourg 2021 (2021)

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See detailDas one2one-Programm in Luxemburger Sekundarschulen. Vom Ausstattungsziel hin zu Kompetenzzielen (Integrale Fassung)
Baumann, Isabell Eva; Milmeister, Marianne

in Bildungsbericht für Luxemburg 2021 (2021)

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See detailSchule auf Distanz. Die Coronakrise und der Weg zu einem digitalen Curriculum in Luxemburg.
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See detailLehre in Zeiten der Pandemie. Plädoyer für ein digitales Curriculum
Baumann, Isabell; Harion, Dominic; Lenz, Thomas

Article for general public (2020)

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See detailParadigmenwechsel in der Lehrerausbildung
Baumann, Isabell Eva; Harion, Dominic

Article for general public (2019)

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See detailParcours éducatifs, multilinguisme et perspectives. Le deuxième rapport national sur l'éducation.
Lenz, Thomas; Baumann, Isabell Eva; Ugen, Sonja; Fischbach, Antoine

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See detailBildungsverläufe, Mehrsprachigkeit und ein Ausblick auf die Zukunft. Der zweite Bildungsbericht für Luxemburg.
Lenz, Thomas; Baumann, Isabell Eva; Ugen, Sonja; Fischbach, Antoine

in Lucet; Script (Eds.) Nationaler Bildungsbericht Luxembourg 2018 (2018)

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Full Text
See detailIdentitätskonstruktionen und Nationenbilder in Luxemburg im Spiegel von Literatur und Medien
Baumann, Isabell Eva

in Hemecht : Zeitschrift für Luxemburger Geschichte = Revue d'Histoire Luxembourgeoise (2017), 69

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Full Text
Baumann, Isabell Eva

in Critical Multilingualism Studies (2016), 4(1), 57-70

See detailZwitter im Zwischenland. Mythos und Kollektivsymbolik als Erfolgsfaktoren für Luxemburg
Baumann, Isabell Eva

in Ernst, Thomas; Mein, Georg (Eds.) Literatur als Interdiskus. Realismus und Normalismus. Interkulturalität und Intermedialität von der Moderne bis zur Gegenwart (2016)

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See detailLiteraturen ohne (National)Philologie? Herausforderungen in Luxemburg
Baumann, Isabell Eva

Scientific Conference (2015)

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