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ACHMO: Achievement Motivation: Assessment, Structure and Development

Students’ achievement motivation is a key determinant of their academic effort, academic choices and academic success. The present Ph.D. project scrutinizes Luxembourgish students’ achievement motivation with respect to

(a) possibilities for economic assessment,

(b) structure,

(c) development,

(d) effects of academic tracks.

A major development of the Ph.D project will be an open structural architecture of achievement motivation that captures the mutual interplay of domain-specific (i.e., French, German, and mathematics) as well as domain-general achievement constructs (i.e., interest, self-concept, and anxiety) of Luxembourgish students. To this end, the present Ph.D. project will capitalize on recent psychometric advances in confirmatory factor analyses and exploit extant data sets. Specifically, representative student data will be obtained from two national extensions of the PISA 2009 cycle (total sample size > 4000 students in grade 9 and 10) and two cycles of the national school assessment programme Épreuves Standardisées (total sample size > 16.000 students in grade 7 and grade 9).

The outcomes of the present Ph.D. project will significantly contribute to the development of economic assessment of achievement motivation in the context of large-scale studies, enhance the empirical body of knowledge on the structure and development of achievement motivation, and inform evidenced-based educational policies and decision making that target students’ achievement motivation in Luxembourg.

For further information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Katarzyna Gogol