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Call for papers

The workshop will focus on the theme of Movement and Immobilities. These concepts are especially relevant in a world with so many people on the move, yet also often stuck in their movement. Linguistic and semiotic landscapes (LLs) are not only the décor of such movements, human movements also leave traces in and transform the landscapes they transit. Hosted in Luxembourg, one of Europe's smallest but also most multilingual, diverse and mobile countries, LL9 welcomes contributions that address questions of movement and (im)mobility in time, space, and social categories in and through LLs. We invite papers that study the daily and seasonal rhythms of LLs, including landscapes of transport, commuting and travelling as well as the temporary or more durable landscapes of social movements. We also invite papers that engage with moving texts or removable signs, such as portable and wearable LL items. We further welcome papers that experiment with moving images (as opposed to photographic stills), mobile and multisited methods of LL, or reflect on walking and sojourning as methodologies and epistemologies of LL research. We finally also aim to address the question where amidst all this movement, mobility, and migration we find permanence, stability and stillness.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words (not including references) should be submitted through our abstract submission system by 15 November 2016. Contributions will peer reviewed, and must not contain author names. Please indicate whether you are applying for paper or poster presentation. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 15 January 2017. Registration for the conference will then open, and will be available until 15 March 2017.

If you have a problem with your submission, please contact the organizing team at LL9[at]