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Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET)

The Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET) is a research and transfer centre assembling expertise in (large-scale) assessment and testing in technology-rich multilingual learning environments.

LUCET’s core mission is the assurance of Luxembourg’s national school monitoring programme and the setup of a longitudinal database about the evolution of students’ competency profiles, attitudes and motivations to be used for evidence-based policy making, for school-quality development and for high-impact scientific publications in the fields of education and psychology.

Additional LUCET missions include the analysis and reporting of Luxembourg’s national participation in international large-scale studies (e.g., PISA), university admissions testing and student course evaluations.


Antoine Fischbach
Acting Director

Sonja Ugen
Executive Manager

Carol Halpern

  • ÉpStan: the Luxembourg school monitoring programme
  • LUCET longitudinal database
  • Large-scale data collections
  • Paper-based assessments
  • Computer‐ and web‐based assessments