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Law, stressing European Law

Approaching the legal systems of EU Member States



How can we approach the legal systems of EU member states? The search for unified solutions or at least common standards at a European level has extended over the last few decades to all fields of law. This development offers a vast field for research to which the research programme Law at the University of Luxembourg is dedicated.

A specific emphasis is placed on the constitutional and administrative framework of the EU, the regulation of the banking sector and the financial markets, the establishment of a European Criminal Justice System, the progressive ‘Europeanisation’ of private law, European and International tax law, as well as Media, Electronic and Satellite Communications Law.

The impact of European law and more generally the modernisation of Luxembourg law is a complementary goal of the research activity undertaken at the University of Luxembourg. The Grand Duchy is an ideal location to conduct pioneering research and offers excellent academic training in the above-mentioned fields. The proximity of the Court of Justice of the EU (see picture) and other European institutions, a vibrant international financial sector and the presence of innovative industries, form natural allies for the University’s research unit in Law.

These are elaborated through partnerships in research or the financing of Chairs (ATOZ Chair in European and International Tax Law, SES Chair in Satellite Communications and Media Law) and also via the participation of practitioners from these institutions in teaching at academic programmes in law.

In the recent years, research in Law at the University of Luxembourg has developed competences in the following fields of research:

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law;
  • Banking, Company and Tax Law;
  • Criminal Law;
  • Private and Public International Law;
  • Contract and Consumer Protection Law;
  • Media and Electronic Communications Law;
  • Luxembourg Case Law.

Contact: David Hiez - Research Unit in Law