Light Microscopy Facility

The Light Microscopy Facility was established in 2007 to support Life Science Research at the University of Luxembourg.Its open access to University members as well as to external users from academia and industry is promoting interactions across a wide range of projects and disciplines and is adding in return to its expertise. The vision of this still young facility is not only focused on the provision of equipment, but also on the introduction of users, interested scientists and students into the fundamental principles and advanced applications of light microscopy. This is an indispensible prerequisite for the understanding of this technology and for the recognition of its potential impact on individual research projects.

Services provided

  • Provision of equipment
  • Hands-on training for microscopy & microinjection
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Lectures / seminars
  • Image processing support
  • Project / experiment planning support
  • Relevant technical support for the preparation grant applications
  • Sample preparation support

Collaboration partners

  • Andor Technology, Belfast, Ireland
  • Eppendorf AG, Hamburg, Germany
  • Evrogen, Moskow, Russia
  • Marinpharm, GMBH, Luckenwalde, Germany
  • Nikon BELUX, Brussels, Belgium
  • ZEISS Microscopy Labs, Munich, Germany





Dr. Andreas Girod

  • Coordinator Light Microscopy Facility.
  • Life Sciences Research Unit.
  • University of Luxembourg162a, avenue de la Faïencerie L-1511 Luxembourg
  • Phone office: +352 46 66 44 6863
  • Phone mobile: +352 62 12 14 889
  • Office room: BS 3.08b
  • Microscope room: BS 3.17
  • E-mail:


Internal Project

A journey of chromatin remodeling factors from chromatin to spindle and back: regulation and function (RELOAD)


Andor Revolution Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope (this equipment was funded by the Fondation Cancer)

Zeiss LSM510 Meta Confocal Microscope

Eppendorf Semi-Automatic Microinjection System

Leica Micro-dissection System

Workstation for image processing


Downloads: Instrument manuals and protocol


  • Zeiss Zen manual
  • Andor IQ manual




  • 06.2012:                   Workshop on microinjection
  • 05.11.2012:               Introduction into confocal microscopy. Invited speaker: Dr. Sven Terclavers, Carl Zeiss nv-sa, Belgium
  • 14. 18.01.2013:          Hands-On Light Microscopy Workshop – Basic & Advanced Techniques


Rules & regulations


  • Access to the facility
  • Booking
  • Other rules


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