Philippe Lucarelli

Philippe Lucarelli

Postdoctoral researcher / Research associate

Faculty or Centre Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Research Unit Sciences de la Vie
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux
Campus Office BioTech II, 3.20
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 6249
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 36249
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See detailUsing Regularization to Infer Cell Line Specificity in Logical Network Models of Signaling Pathways.
De Landtsheer, Sébastien; Lucarelli, Philippe; Sauter, Thomas

in Frontiers in physiology (2018), 9

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See detailSystemic network analysis identifies XIAP and IkappaBalpha as potential drug targets in TRAIL resistant BRAF mutated melanoma.
Del Mistro, Greta; Lucarelli, Philippe; Muller, Ines; De Landtsheer, Sébastien; Zinoveva, Anna; Hutt, Meike; Siegemund, Martin; Kontermann, Roland E.; Beissert, Stefan; Sauter, Thomas; Kulms, Dagmar

in NPJ systems biology and applications (2018), 4

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See detailAnnexin A1 regulates EGFR activity and alters EGFR-containing tumour-derived exosomes in head and neck cancers.
Raulf, N.; Lucarelli, Philippe; Thavaraj, S.; Brown, S.; Vicencio, J. M.; Sauter, Thomas; Tavassoli, M.

in European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) (2018), 102

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See detail"Stroma-induced phenotypic plasticity offers phenotype-specific targeting to improve melanoma treatment".
Seip, Kotryna; Jorgensen, Kjetil; Haselager, Marco Vincent; Albrecht, Marco; Haugen, Mads Haugland; Egeland, Eivind Valen; Lucarelli, Philippe; Engebraaten, Olav; Sauter, Thomas; Maelandsmo, Gunhild Mari; Prasmickaite, Lina

in Cancer letters (2018)

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See detailFALCON: A Toolbox for the Fast Contextualisation of Logical Networks.
De Landtsheer, Sébastien; Trairatphisan, Panuwat; Lucarelli, Philippe; Sauter, Thomas

in Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) (2017)

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See detailSystembasierte Analyse von Wirkstoffresistenzen bei Melanom
Lucarelli, Philippe; De Landtsheer, Sébastien; Sauter, Thomas


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See detailResolving the Combinatorial Complexity of Smad Protein Complex Formation and Its Link to Gene Expression.
Lucarelli, Philippe; Schilling, Marcel; Kreutz, Clemens; Vlasov, Artyom; Boehm, Martin E.; Iwamoto, Nao; Steiert, Bernhard; Lattermann, Susen; Wasch, Marvin; Stepath, Markus; Matter, Matthias S.; Heikenwalder, Mathias; Hoffmann, Katrin; Deharde, Daniela; Damm, Georg; Seehofer, Daniel; Muciek, Maria; Gretz, Norbert; Lehmann, Wolf D.; Timmer, Jens; Klingmuller, Ursula

in Cell Systems (2017)

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See detailModel Based Targeting of IL-6-Induced Inflammatory Responses in Cultured Primary Hepatocytes to Improve Application of the JAK Inhibitor Ruxolitinib.
Sobotta, Svantje; Raue, Andreas; Huang, Xiaoyun; Vanlier, Joep; Junger, Anja; Bohl, Sebastian; Albrecht, Ute; Hahnel, Maximilian J.; Wolf, Stephanie; Mueller, Nikola S.; D'Alessandro, Lorenza A.; Mueller-Bohl, Stephanie; Boehm, Martin E.; Lucarelli, Philippe; Bonefas, Sandra; Damm, Georg; Seehofer, Daniel; Lehmann, Wolf D.; Rose-John, Stefan; van der Hoeven, Frank; Gretz, Norbert; Theis, Fabian J.; Ehlting, Christian; Bode, Johannes G.; Timmer, Jens; Schilling, Marcel; Klingmuller, Ursula

in Frontiers in physiology (2017), 8

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See detailThermodynamically constrained averaging theory for cancer growth modelling
Albrecht, Marco; Sciumè, Giuseppe; Lucarelli, Philippe; Sauter, Thomas

in IFAC-PapersOnLine (2016), 49(26), 289-294

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See detailContext-specific flow through the MEK/ERK module produces cell- and ligand-specific patterns of ERK single and double phosphorylation.
Iwamoto, Nao; D'Alessandro, Lorenza A.; Depner, Sofia; Hahn, Bettina; Kramer, Bernhard A.; Lucarelli, Philippe; Vlasov, Artyom; Stepath, Markus; Bohm, Martin E.; Deharde, Daniela; Damm, Georg; Seehofer, Daniel; Lehmann, Wolf D.; Klingmuller, Ursula; Schilling, Marcel

in Science signaling (2016), 9(413), 13

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See detailDownregulation of the TGF-beta pseudoreceptor BAMBI in non-small cell lung cancer enhances TGF-beta signaling and invasion.
Marwitz, Sebastian; Depner, Sofia; Dvornikov, Dmytro; Merkle, Ruth; Szczygiel, Magdalena; Muller-Decker, Karin; Lucarelli, Philippe; Wasch, Marvin; Mairbaurl, Heimo; Rabe, Klaus F.; Kugler, Christian; Vollmer, Ekkehard; Reck, Martin; Scheufele, Swetlana; Kroger, Maren; Ammerpohl, Ole; Siebert, Reiner; Goldmann, Torsten; Klingmuller, Ursula

in Cancer research (2016)

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See detailExcemplify: a flexible template based solution, parsing and managing data in spreadsheets for experimentalists.
Shi, Lei; Jong, Lenneke; Wittig, Ulrike; Lucarelli, Philippe; Stepath, Markus; Mueller, Stephanie; D'Alessandro, Lorenza Alice; Klingmuller, Ursula; Muller, Wolfgang

in Journal of integrative bioinformatics (2013), 10(2), 220

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See detailDynamics and feedback loops in the transforming growth factor beta signaling pathway.
Wegner, Katja; Bachmann, Anastasia; Schad, Jan-Ulrich; Lucarelli, Philippe; Sahle, Sven; Nickel, Peter; Meyer, Christoph; Klingmuller, Ursula; Dooley, Steven; Kummer, Ursula

in Biophysical chemistry (2012), 162

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