We are involved in the

Master in Integrated Systems Biology (académique), the
Bachelor en sciences de la vie (académique) and the
Doctoral School in Systems and Molecular Biomedicine.

Especially within the following courses:

  • ISB701: Introduction to Systems Biology (winter term)
  • ISB702: Practicals in Systems Biology (summer term)
  • ISB703: Advanced Systems Biology (winter term)
  • ISB201: Gene Regulation / Transcriptomics (winter term)
  • ISB901: Master Thesis (summer term)
  • BASV3.3: Biologie moléculaire 1 TP (winter term)
  • BASV5.1: Biologie moléculaire 2 TP (winter term)
  • DocS: ChiP-Seq Pipeline (winter term)

Thomas Sauter is Study Director of the Master in Integrated Systems Biology (académique).