Fulvio PALEARI

Doctoral researcher

Faculty or Centre Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication
Research Unit RU Physics and Materials Science
Postal Address Campus Limpertsberg, Université du Luxembourg
162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg
Campus Office BRB 1.06
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 6303
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 36303
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See detailExcitons in few-layer hexagonal boron nitride: Davydov splitting and surface localization
Paleari, Fulvio; Galvani, Thomas; Amara, Hakim; Francois, Ducastelle; Molina-Sanchez, Alejandro; Wirtz, Ludger

in 2D MATERIALS (2018), 5(4), 045017

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See detailDirect and indirect excitons in boron nitride polymorphs: A story of atomic configuration and electronic correlation
Sponza, Lorenzo; Amara, Hakim; Attaccalite, Claudio; Latil, Sylvain; Galvani, Thomas; Paleari, Fulvio; Wirtz, Ludger; Ducastelle, François

in Physical Review. B, Condensed Matter (2018), 98(12), 125206

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See detailExcitons in boron nitride single layer
Galvani, Thomas; Paleari, Fulvio; Pereira Coutada Miranda, Henrique; Molina-Sanchez, Alejandro; Wirtz, Ludger; Latil, Sylvain; Amara, Hakim; Ducastelle, François

in Physical Review. B : Condensed Matter (2016), 94(125303),

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