The members of the geophysical team are teaching the following courses:

Bachelor en Sciences de la Vie

  • Physics I: Prof. Olivier Francis
  • Physics II: Prof. Olivier Francis
  • Physics III: Prof. Olivier Francis
  • Geology: Prof. Tonie Van Dam and Sajad Tabibi

Bachelor en Sciences et Ingénierie

  • Astronomy: Prof. Olivier Francis
  • Geophysics: Prof. Tonie Van Dam

Bachelor en Ingénierie

  • Mathematik III : Prof. Norman Teferle
  • Vermessungskunde I : Prof. Norman Teferle
  • Vermessungskunde II : Prof. Norman Teferle

Master in Geography and Spatial Planning

  • Global Environmental Change in the Anthropocene : Prof. Norman Teferle

Master of Science in Civil Engineering - Megastructure Engineering with Sustainable Resources

  • Engineering Surveying : Prof. Norman Teferle