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Communicative Systems Laboratory (Com.Sys)

The Communicative Systems Laboratory (ComSys) is part of the Department of Computer Science and focuses on state of the art research in digital communications. Embracing the end-to-end arguments in system design, ComSys focuses on integrated research in the areas of Information Transfer and Communicating Systems. Information Transfer is concerned with information transmission over potentially complex channels and networks. Communicating Systems in turn are the composition of multiple distributed entities employing communication networks to collaboratively achieve a common goal.
ComSys has strong technical and personal facilities to improve existing and develop new solutions in the following research topics.

  • Information Transmission
  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Security Protocols
  • Trust Models
  • Middleware
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Grid and Peer-to-Peer Computing
  • Management and Mining of Data

The research fields will have a strong impact on the 21st century. The rapidly growing demand for information exchange in people's daily lives requires technologies like ubiquitous and pervasive computing to meet the expectations of the information society and novel adaptive concepts tackling the continuing data challenges.
The resulting problems have already been a key enabler for some industrial and governmental founded projects at national and European level. Current research projects propagate technologies for

  • Hybrid Wireless Networks
  • Information Dissemination in Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Mobile Communication
  • Mobile Learning
  • Network Traffic Analysis and Protection
  • Network Traffic Management and Coordination
  • Secure Satellite Communication
  • Secure Wireless MANETs
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