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ceFIMS - Coordination of the European Future of Internet forum of Member States

The ceFIMS project addresses the problem of the fragmentation of ICT research between European Member States (MS). ceFIMS will leverage its knowledge of Member state-funded research to gain consensus about problems and approaches at the Membe State level. ceFIMS will build on that consensus to promote alignment both across Member States and also between Member State and EC-funded ICT research. This will, consequently, unite better the European ICT research community and place European Future Internet (FI) research in a stronger position. ceFIMS will produce a research road-map to maximize synergies between EU and MS investments in FI research, establishing the basis for an ERA-NET+ on the Future Internet. An ERA-NET+will provide the means to develop the EU's strong research position. Allied to this, a Public-Private  Partnership (PPP) will provide the means to transfer new knowledge into innovative products, with economic and social benefits for EU citizens. ceFIMS will increase awareness among Member States of the role that they can play in a Eruope-wide FI PPP and how Member State initiatives and the PPP can be aligned to the maximum extent possible.  ceFIMS-Coordination of the European Future Internet forum of Member States-responds to Call 5 from the European Commission for European excellence in Trustworthy ICT. In particular, the Science and Technology objectives of ceFIMS are highly relevant to Objective ICT-2007.1.1 The Network of the Future.