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OUTSMART - Provisioning of urban/regional smart services and business models enabled by the Future Internet

The goal of OUTSMART is to contribute to the Future Internet (FI) by aiming at the development of the innovation eco-systems. These eco-systems facilitate the creation of a large variety of pilot services and technologies that contribute to optimized supply and access to services and resources in urban areas. This will contribute to more sustainable  utility provision and  through increased  efficiency, lower strain on resources and on the environment. Reaching this goal requires the whole value chain, namely city authorities, utilities operators, ICT companies as well as knowledge institutions in order to have an industry drive approach when developing advanced service and technologies. OUTSMART services and technologies will be based on an open and standardized infrastructure as envisioned by the FI Private Public Partnership (FI PPP) and provided by a service framework designed to facilitate provisioning, development and access. To this extend, OUTSMART will (1) deliver a set of detailed functional and non-functional requirements for an FI enabler platform and corresponding business framework able to support the above described eco-systems based on a deep analysis of the different domain specific use cases in the utility and environment application domain (2) proved a specification of the domain specific enabler functionality with corresponding service interfaces compatible and aligned with Core Platform components to be specified alongside this project effort; (3) provide a realization of prototypes of domain specific functionality for the envisioned eco-system according to the previous specification and a validation thereof in early field trials  in the envisioned use cases; (4) deliver a business framework specification whitch serves as blue print for the foreseen local eco-systems able to provide their sustainability beyond the PPP funding lifetime by creating favorable conditions for local investments and innovations; and (5) deliver a detailed plan for pilot services in the envisioned local eco-systems, which act as initial light house show cases for Eruope in the utility and environment applications domain.