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Information Theory and Telecommunications

Basic area of competence is probability, information, and coding theory.
Main research directions are:
1) Decoding of error control codes and stochastic interference.
Hereby the decoding of error correcting codes can be considered as stochastic inference problem respectively the inversion of a stochastic map. Recent results show that encoding / decoding techniques exist that perform well close to theoretical limits. The team investigates these techniques and their applicability to other stochastic inference problems.
2) Network Traffic Modeling. This area is concerned with the development of stochastic network traffic models and the improvement of data transfer performance and network security. The aim is to use these network traffic models to derive useful conclusions from the monitored traffic concerning local congestions, localization of spam sources or denial of service (flood) attacks. Particular attention is focused on elaboration of a new approach to the detection of local network congestions based on spectral analysis of multivariate stationary processes.
Current members of the team are Ulrich Sorger (Professor), Foued Melakessou, Tomasz Ignatz (PhD Students) and Zdzislaw Suchanecki (senior researcher).