Mesh Sequencer


Service Quality Enhancement and Cooperatively Enforced Reliability in Mesh Networks

Recently the usage of Mesh-Networks became popular for difficult or inaccessible terrain, for bigger buildings or to build up private"Freifunk"-Networks (free radio nets) in bigger cities.
Mesh-Networks, or so called Multi-Hop-Networks, are wireless networks which differ from WLANs in the way, that the access to the wired network (LAN) has not necessary to be done with the next access-point
(single-hop), but it is possible that one or more radio stations are in-between (multi-hop). Access-points in Mesh-Networks also have a routing-function to direct neighbours.
The technical possibility to expand radio-cells up to 50km and the strong increase of possible neighbours leads to unresolved challenges and scientific questions in the scalability and the security-infrastructure of Mesh-Networks.
Within the scope of the Mesh-Sequencer Project a systematic analysis and rating of the existing methods with their weakness according to scalability and securing of the network should be done in the first step. In the second step we try to use this list of critics to develop suggestions for solutions and try to confirm their validity by simulations.
In prototypes the new methods should be implemented in existing Mesh-Hardware (e.G. the MeshCube).

Contact : Thomas Engel