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Software and Systems

The Software and Systems Research Area covers research on methods and tools for mastering the development of complex software systems. The following tasks are tackled:

  • To develop new engineering processes.
  • To investigate the use of model driven development.
  • To perform research on the foundations of software engineering.
  • To study verification and validation techniques.
  • To assist in the development and in the use of e-learning tools.

The following application domains stand out: industry-critical systems, e-learning systems, web-based distributed systems, enterprise architectures.

The research theme on software and systems is managed by Laboratory for Advanced Software Systems (LASSY).


This area is researched by the following professors:
  • Lionel BRIAND:
    • Automated Software Testing
    • Model-Driven Software Engineering
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Run-Time Verification
  • Nicolas GUELFI:
    • Dependability
    • Formal Methods
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Software Engineering
  • Pierre KELSEN:
    • Domain-Specific Modeling Languages
    • Formal Methods
    • Model-Driven Software Development
  • Yves LE TRAON:
    • Automated implementation of security mechanisms
    • Malware detection and prevention
    • Model-Driven Security
    • Big Data at Runtime
    • Modeling at Runtime
    • Software Testing
  • Nicolas NAVET:
    • Integration of Verification Activity into Model-Driven Engineering
    • Probabilistic Risk Analysis
    • Timing Verification of Real-time Systems
    • e-Learning
    • Proactive Computing
    • Proactive Engines


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